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Eades, Anne

Teacher-High School

Elvig, Zachary

Physical Education/Football Coach

Ferda, Angela

Activity Coordinator

Finley, Andrew

Teacher-High School

Fitzgerald, Brian

Teacher-Special Education-XS

Fritts, Taylor

Orchestra Teacher

Gardner, Robert

Teacher - Mathematics

Hall, Jennifer

Teacher-Special Education-XG

Hardman, Amy

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7

Harris, Chris

English Language Arts Teacher

Hopkins, Kira

Teacher-High School


I have a bachelor's in English Literature from Wheaton College and a Master's in Teaching from Seattle Pacific University and have taught at West Seattle High School since 2006.

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I teach senior Comparative Literature and Composition as well as Advanced Placement Literature and Composition.
I also guide students through the senior project, a multi-step research project which involves a research paper, action step and speech.
I push students to practice meta-cognition, close reading, questioning, discussion and speaking skills.  
I love to see students make connections, both personal and intellectual.

Huber, Amy

Administrative Secretary 260

Personal Message

Ikehara, Mykenna

Teacher-Special Education-XG

Jackson, Larry

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7