School Nurse

Welcome to 2021-22 School Year from Nurse Aimee!

Hello! I wanted to introduce myself to those that I have not met yet- my name is Aimee Osland and I am the school nurse at West Seattle High School. This will be my 3rd year at WSHS and my 9th year as a school nurse. Working together, we can make this a safe and healthy year for students and staff.

DESK: 206-252-8807   or 28807 from district phone


Location: Teen Health Center in room 127

Please let me know if you have any questions about the following health information:

NURSE OFFICE HOURS @Teen Health Center:

  • Monday to Friday 8:30-4pm. Please note that we close 30 minutes for lunch, except for emergencies.



  • Students with life-threatening health conditions such as diabetes, severe allergy, and seizure disorder have a medical alert icon   next to their name in PowerSchool. Click on for their condition and more info on where emergency medication is kept.


  • Please run a medical alert report for your classes/students (directions attached). If you’re unsure how to do that, instructions attached. Please consider how to make this information accessible to your subs.
  • Emergency care plans are being prepared for those students and will be uploaded on SharePoint I won’t be providing paper copies.  Please review your students’ plans, read them, and be prepared to respond. Please ask me if you have ANY questions. To access emergency care plans, go to SharePoint à Curriculum and School Operations à Health Center & School Nurse à Emergency Care Plans 2021.22
  • You can also access emergency care plans from this link:

 Emergency Care Plans 2021.22


  • If you are injured at work, please report your injury to the 24/7 Corvel Work Injury Nurse Line 877-764-3374 (as soon as safely possible for you to do so). I will be there for you to provide first aid but Corvel will guide you on your care/follow-up.

Did you know that West Seattle High School has a school-based health center?


Students have access to Free medical and mental health services located right here in our school in room 127 (Teen Health Center). It is fully staffed with nurse practitioners, mental health therapists, a health coordinator, and a health educator. Students can access the Teen Health Center by stopping by to schedule an appointment, email the Health Center Coordinator, Hanna Samet, at or call 206-658-8048.

Covid Testing at West Seattle High School


COVID-19 Testing: We are excited to offer COVID-19 testing in collaboration with Washington State Department of Health (DOH) and the Health Commons Project. We are starting with testing when symptoms arise or following known exposure – referred to as diagnostic testing. Testing will help us reduce the spread of COVID and will reduce lost instructional time for students.

DOH’s Learn to Return testing program follows a “go slower to go fast” philosophy. By implementing diagnostic testing first, we can have an immediate positive impact in serving our school community while learning how to best expand. Once we get diagnostic testing launched, we will explore a more robust 2021-22 screening program including for students who aren’t vaccinated or are at higher risk.

Additional information and resources can be found here:

I am looking forward to working with you all this school year! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Aimee Osland, BSN, RN, NCSN (she/her)

School Nurse

West Seattle High School

Monday – Friday

Office Phone: (206)252-8807

Fax: (206)743-3186

3000 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

WSHS Nurse Information

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* Tenga en cuenta que los servicios de intérpretes de idiomas están disponibles; si los necesita, hágamelo saber. 

Neighborcare Health at West Seattle High School is open for the 2021/22 school year. Click here for an online registration form. To schedule an appointment, please call (206)658-8048 or email

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