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Summer School at West Seattle High School

Interested in joining West Seattle High School’s Summer School Program? We would love to help you earn credit to help you stay on track for graduation. Please read our instructions below to get started. There is also an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section should you have more questions. If you are unsure what you credits you need for summer school, check your Historical Grades via The Source. Please reach out to your school counselor or the Summer School Coordinators if you have any other questions.

School Counselors:
Last Names A-GL Ms. Erica Nguyen at etnguyen@seattleschools.org
Last Names GO-PA Ms. Mallory Neuman at mlneuman@seattleschools.org
Last Names PE-Z Ms. Christine Nutters at canutters@seattleschools.org

Summer School Coordinators:
Ms. Sandi Whiton at sswhiton@seattleschools.org
Ms. Rachel Myers at ramyers@seattleschools.org
Ms. Amy Doll at asdoll@seattleschools.org

Apply for Summer School 2022

Deadline to complete the online application is Friday, June 17th, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST. You must log in with your SPS account to access the form.

Complete the 2022 Summer School Application

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are the dates of summer school at WSHS?
    Summer classes will run from June 27-July 22.  Classes will meet M-Th from 9:00-3:00. Friday is a make-up day or a time to meet with your teacher.  Teachers are available by appointment. Classes should be done by July 22, with the following week being used for extra help. If you come to class everyday and complete your work, you should be done by then!
  2. Who can take classes? 
    Current WSHS Students
  3. What kinds of classes will you offer?
    We will offer 3 different strands:  Credit Recovery, Grade Repair, and 1st-Time Credits. For specifics, please see registration sheet. You may do a grade replacement form for these classes and sub previous grades. The original grade will be on your transcript, but the new summer school grade will replace it in your overall GPA calculation.
  4. What is the grading standard?
    Passing grades are A to D-, or else you will be dropped from the class.  This makes this a great opportunity to help your GPA as any credit recovery or repair grade can replace previously recorded grades. 
  5. Is attendance taken? 
    Yes!  Attendance will be taken every day during your scheduled class. You MUST show up to class and participate to receive credit.  After 3 absences, you’ll be dropped from the program.
  6. Will classes be in building?
    Yes. All classes will be held in person in the WSHS building. You are expected to attend during the entire duration of summer school. After 3 absences, you’ll be dropped from the program.
  7. What if my technology breaks, or I don’t have my own computer or other issues? 
    When you register, please note any issue that you might have, so we can make plans to troubleshoot prior to summer school starting.  If you have a situation during school, please come to the library so we can provide technology support.
  8. My internet is terrible, so I can’t even run Schoology.  How can I do this?
    When you register, please make a note, so we can help figure this out for you. We want to make sure that any student who wants to be a part of this is served.  We’re here to help you!
  9. How will I know my schedule?
    Once you register, we’ll send your schedule to the email you listed on the form. Please make sure that both yours and your parent/guardian have working emails and let us know if you have a language preference, so we can keep your parents in the loop about how amazing you’re doing in your classes!
  10. I’ve had such a hard time during this time with issues that are not academic—I’ve not had enough food, I’m homeless, I’ve struggled with violence in my home, I feel hopeless and alone, and I’d really like a check-in from a counselor.  What do I do?
    Please indicate this on your registration form.  We care about you—not just your education—and we are ready to help connect you to any services you might need.  This has been a hard time for everyone, but together, we can figure out how to help us get through it. 
  11. Will I be sitting in my classes from 9-3?  That sounds crazy and exhausting!  
    No!  Not at all!  Classes will be broken into 75 minute blocks, and we’ll schedule you, so your classes won’t overlap. You will be expected to attend your class on-time, M-Th, and your teacher will then let you know what activities and work you’ll do for that block.  It’s important to note that although this still sounds like a ton of time, you will have no work outside of these blocks, with few exceptions.  We have no homework, unless you get behind or are absent.  Then, you’ll be expected to meet with your teacher on Friday.
  12. Who will be teaching me? 
    All of our teachers are West Seattle High School teachers or have been teaching in summer school for the last 2 years.  This allows us to make sure that any content or skill covered is relevant to what you’ll need in the coming year. It also helps you build extra supports in the building just in case you need anything in the coming year.  Our students matter to us, and we want to be with you through this journey.  It’s amazing that you want to work on your GPA, get ahead in credits, and continue learning over the summer, and we want to make sure your experience is something that is positive and helps you become a life long learner like we are.
  13. You have offered geometry in a year in previous years, so I can move into Algebra 2 next year.  Is that still offered? 
    To be determined.
  14. Who do I contact if I still have important questions? Please email…
    Program Coordinator, Sandi Whiton, at sswhiton@seattleschools.org;
    Program Assistant Coordinator, Rachel Myers, at ramyers@seattleschools.org;
    Program Assistant, Amy Doll at asdoll@seattleschools.org;