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The Westside Drama program was created in 2003 with our first production, Grease. Since then the program has grown to include three shows per year: a fall straight play, a winter student-directed production, and a spring musical. To date, the WSHS Drama program has staged more than 50 shows and counting.

Our program strives to produce high-quality, technically complex, artistically relevant shows, never forgetting the goals of educational theater: to give students opportunities to build self-confidence, develop their teamwork skills, learn responsibility and accountability, and, ultimately, explore the human condition – all while working towards a common goal with their classmates. On stage or backstage, important skills are learned every time you work on a show.

Why Theatre is a Critical Part of School

Theatre is a Science. Theatre is Math.

Theatre is a Foreign Language. Theatre is History.

Theatre is Physical Education. Theatre is Language Arts.

Theatre is Business. Theatre is Technology.

Theatre is Economics.

Theatre is taught in schools

not because you are expected to major in theatre,

not because you are expected to perform all through life,

not so you can relax,

not so you can have fun,


so you will recognize Beauty, so you will be Sensitive,

so you will be closer to an Infinite Beyond This World,

so you will have more Love, more Compassion, more Gentleness, more Good,

in short, more Life.

Of what value will it be to make a prosperous living unless you know how to live?

That is why theatre belongs in our schools.


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