Assessments at West Seattle High School

West Seattle Seniors and Families, if you have any questions regarding your required state tests, please contact Testing Coordinator Amy Doll at

Seniors SAT Information 

SPS SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) 

Get SAT Ready! 

The SAT is an additional pathway to graduation. A qualifying score on the SAT can be used to satisfy the graduation requirement for ELA and/or math. Students scoring 410 on the ELA and a 430 on Math sections will meet Grad Pathway requirement. 

For current information about the Seattle Public School’s School Day SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) please refer to the district SAT webpage

Arrive Early for Exam Day 10/12 @8:30am 

Come Prepared to Test 

  • Dress in Layers you are testing in the gym  (blankets are not allowed)
  • No Bag Check Leave your phone, wearable technology and headphones at home. Phones found in testing location will be searched and students will be dismissed, any testing related information found on the phone and the student will be banned from future College Board exams. 
  • Bring #2 pencils and calculator 
  • Snacks and Water Bottles must be labeled with Student name and left in the back of the classroom. Food and water can only be accessed during scheduled breaks. 

 SAT Understanding Scores and Reporting 

SAT scores are released online (date to be posted) by the CollegeBoard. Students will need to log in to their CollegeBoard account to view their scores

Check out the following resources on SAT scores 

  1. How to Get Your Scores 
  2. Understanding your SAT Scores | Finding out how SAT scores are calculated, score structure, what SAT scoring means for you. 
  3. How to Send SAT Scores | Information about sending your SAT scores. 

Resources and Information 

Visit the Free SAT Practice at CollegeBoard for testing tips and resources

Refer to the district SAT page for more information about testing and Seattle Public Schools

This school year the BHS Counselors want to encourage all 12th graders to take it as it is an opportunity to meet the Graduation Pathway requirement. The Graduation Pathway requirement can be met a few different ways including taking and earning a cut score on the SBA, SAT or ACT. Or also, by taking and passing a college level English and college level math course. 

Seattle Public School SAT Info & Resources 

The SAT is the most widely used college admission test in the country. SAT scores demonstrate students are prepared for college with necessary skills and knowledge. 

Students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch (FRL) may be eligible to receive additional benefits from the College Board such as free SAT tests and unlimited sending of scores. In order to receive these benefits, applicants must check the box on the form for ‘Pre College Exams’ in section number 7 of the form and sign. Visit the Seattle Public Schools School Day SAT page for more information

The school-day administration offers these benefits: 

  • No cost. The school day test is free for SPS students. No action is required of families in advance. 
  • Students may also send up to four score reports for free. The school-day test permits students to send score reports to as many as four colleges or scholarship programs. 
  • Additional pathway to graduation. A qualifying score on the SAT can be used as a graduation pathway for English Language Arts ELA and/or math. 

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) focuses on the knowledge and skills that the best evidence indicates are essential for college and career readiness and success. This test is composed of four sections: Math, Reading, Writing and Language, and Essay.  

Additional Resources 

School Day grade 11 PSAT on October 12th, 2022

Juniors Get PSAT/NMSQT Ready!

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT/NMSQT) helps Juniors prepare for the SAT and is used to qualify students for scholarships and advanced learning opportunities.

The PSAT/NMSQT can qualify students for the National Merit Scholarship Program and other scholarships. To prepare, get practice tests with official SAT practice on Khan Academy online.

For more information about the SPS School Day PSAT/NMSQT please refer to the district PSAT and SAT webpage.