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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement courses prepare students for nationally administered AP exams; success on these exams may earn college credit and/or advanced placement at many colleges and universities. All students who meet the minimal course requirements are encouraged to enroll in these challenging courses.

AP Criteria

Students prior to enrolling in an AP course must meet the following general criteria:

  • Earned a ‘B’ grade or better in a prerequisite course (Prerequisite courses are determined by individual departments that offer AP).
  • Earn passing scores on all sections of the state assessment (Reading, Writing, and Math).
  • Teacher recommendation (As determined by departments that offer AP).
  • PSAT/NMSQT scores.

SPS FAQs Regarding AP Exams

What if I have not received any information yet from the College Board regarding my AP Exams?

The College Board is communicating directly with students and families about online resources and details regarding their shortened AP Exams online. The College Board is using the student’s email address listed in the College Board student account. If a student has not provided their email, please log in to the College Board AP student page and update your profile to be sure that you receive all your AP Exam updates from the College Board. Sign in to access AP student resources.

AP Courses

All AP courses at West Seattle High School are yearlong courses. This requires students to be committed to a year long course of study.

Students taking an AP course at West Seattle High School should expect an average of an hour of homework daily in each AP class they are enrolled.