Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement courses prepare students for nationally administered AP exams; success on these exams may earn college credit and/or advanced placement at many colleges and universities. All students who meet the minimal course requirements are encouraged to enroll in these challenging courses.

AP Criteria

Students prior to enrolling in an AP course must meet the following general criteria:

  • Earned a 'B' grade or better in a prerequisite course (Prerequisite courses are determined by individual departments that offer AP).
  • Earn passing scores on all sections of the state assessment (Reading, Writing, and Math).
  • Teacher recommendation (As determined by departments that offer AP).
  • PSAT/NMSQT scores.

Testing Information: 

High School Advanced Placement (AP) EXAMS Online 2020-2021

College Board Student Resources

Resources for Students to help prepare for the AP Exam Online: The College Board continues to offer Free “live” Online AP Classes for students. See the course schedule on the College Board website. 

AP Exam Dates and Details about what will be on each Online AP Exam. See the exam schedule on the College Board website.

AP Student site includes general details for this year’s AP Exams online. Read tips for taking the test. 

Tips for Success on Open Book/Open Note Exams. Read open book test tips. 

College Board  AP Exam Coronavirus Updates and FAQs.

Students can register to take Advance Placement exams at West Seattle High School, in 3 easy steps. AP exams offered at WSHS this year include Biology, Chinese, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, English Language, English Literature, Environmental Science, French, Physics 1, Statistics, US Government, US History, and World History. 

West Seattle Students will receive a join code for each exam they wish to register for, Home Schooled Students living within our School Boundaries may contact Amy Doll for exam only join code. 

10/26/20 UPDATE

Notice for parents of students taking AP courses:


We appreciate your flexibility as we work to navigate logistics surrounding the AP Program at Seattle Public Schools. We are writing to inform you of important and time sensitive updates for your student who is currently enrolled in one or more AP courses. Please review the following information:


Exam Registration:

All students who wish to take AP exams must register by the end of the school day on November 12 , 2020. Please contact your AP Coordinator if your student still needs to register.


Testing Options:

Currently, the expectation of the College Board is to have students test in-person, and there is not an option for online exams. The College Board may decide later to offer an online testing option, but we have no information about that at this time. As you know, Seattle Public Schools are operating 100% remote right now, and we do not know if Seattle Public Schools will be open for in-person learning when tests are administered in May. If we are not open, and the College Board does not offer an online option, students will likely not be able to take the AP exams.


Payment & Refunds:

In previous years, we have collected AP exam fees during the registration period.  However, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided not to begin collecting exam fees until February. Our collection window will run from  February 1 through March 5, 2021.  We hope that there will be more information available by February, so that you and your student will be able to make an informed decision on whether to pay for AP exams or not.  If you do pay for the exam but decide later to cancel the exam, you will receive a full refund.  Please note that refunds take time to process and will likely not be available until summer of 2021. The fee is $102 per exam; however, students who receive Free or Reduced Lunch do not have to pay this fee.


We realize that the uncertainty around whether or not students will be able to take AP exams is difficult. We will provide more information as it becomes available.  

Questions contact Amy Doll


What if I have not received any information yet from the College Board regarding my AP Exams?

The College Board is communicating directly with students and families about online resources and details regarding their shortened AP Exams online. The College Board is using the student’s email address listed in the College Board student account. If a student has not provided their email, please log in to the College Board AP student page and update your profile to be sure that you receive all your AP Exam updates from the College Board. Sign in to access AP student resources.

Can any student elect to take the online AP Exam?

At SPS, only students that are currently registered and have paid to take their AP Exam are eligible for the online AP Exam this year.

What if a student decides NOT to take the AP Exam?

We encourage students and families to delay making their decisions about whether to take their AP Exam(s) until late April.

Beginning Monday, April 20, if a student does not plan to take an AP Exam that has already been ordered, students and families can request a refund by completing the refund request form online no later than June 5. Complete the online request for refund.

If families prefer a paper copy of this form, please contact your AP testing coordinator at your school and the form will be mailed to you through the US Postal Service.

Refunds for AP Exams will be processed after schools have access to the AP Exams not taken. AP Testing Coordinators will not have access to see who completed the AP Exam through the College Board site until after the makeup AP Exam testing window in early June. The College Board has waived the $40 exam cancellation fee this year due to the COVID 19 school closures.

Reminder: If a student does NOT plan to take the AP Exam, the student MUST NOT open the AP Exam online email to avoid being charged for the exam. 


AP Courses

All AP courses at West Seattle High School are yearlong courses. This requires students to be committed to a year long course of study.

Students taking an AP course at West Seattle High School should expect an average of an hour of homework daily in each AP class they are enrolled.