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Building Leadership Team

West Seattle HS Building Leadership Team (BLT)

The Building Leadership Team exists as part of the SPS/SEA contract to ensure dialogue between the principal and representatives of various parts of the broad school community.

Specifically, BLT speaks to the building’s budget process, the school transformation process, and professional development within the building. The BLT is composed of 5 certificated teachers, 2 classified (one Parapro, one SAEOP), 2 parents, 1 Site Council rep, 2 student representatives and the Principal.

Representatives are selected for two-year terms by their constituencies. BLT meetings are generally held the first Monday of each month, at 3:45pm in the main office conference room.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are available from the Main Office.

BLT Members


  • Brian Vance
  • Nancy Carroll
  • Ron Knight

Certificated staff representatives:

  • David Bergman
  • Colleen Carlson
  • Stacey Fernandez
  • Jessica Mathews
  • Ying Yu

Classified staff representatives:

  • Amy Doll

Parent representatives:

  • Susan Goplen

Student representative:

  • (ASB Student)