West Seattle High School

West Seattle
High School

Saturday Study Hall: January 27, 2024

Saturday School will be held on January 27th in the school library 

from 9am-12pm. Additional support for students who are currently facing academic challenges in core classes will be available to assist students with test prep, late assignments and test corrections. Finals are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday with the semester ending on 1/31. 

Students are strongly encouraged to contact their teachers for missing or late work prior to Saturday School. 

Questions about Saturday School Contact Amy Doll asdoll@seattleschools.org 

Invitation for : WSHS Students 

When: Saturday, January 27th from 9am-12pm

Where: WSHS Library 

What to Bring: Laptop, missing work, and a yearn to learn. 

What’s provided: Breakfast, Wi-Fi, and Tutors