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Clubs at West Seattle High School 2023-2024

Clubs at West Seattle


Club: WSHS Intersectional Feminist Club (IFC)

  • Description: The Intersectional Feminist Club is a group dedicated to creating a safe space in the school for anyone looking for a welcoming community. We are committed to learning and growing from each other while honoring the intersectionality of our identities through a feminist lens. Activities that we have held in the past include: discussions, self-defense classes, book clubs, speaker talks, artistic workshops, and fundraising drives. Our overall goal is to build a stronger community in WSHS rooted in feminism.
  • Location: Room 206
  • Time: 11:45 am
  • Advisor: Mr. Long
  • Social Media: @wshsfeminist

Club: Library Club

  • Description: A club to help out the library by fundraising and doing activities.
  • Location: Library
  • Time: 12:15
  • Advisor: Mrs. Carlson
  • Social Media:

Club: One Love Club

  • Description: A branch of the One Love Foundation. Runs workshops and watches films to discuss/educate on healthy relationships, boundaries, and signs of toxic relationships. Volunteers and fundraisers for the community.
  • Location: Room 135
  • Time: 11:45 every 1st Monday of the Month
  • Advisor: Mrs. Hopkins
  • Social Media: @onelove.wshs

Club: Diversity Club

  • Description: A meeting for students of all backgrounds to meet, make friends, practice leadership and social engagement! All are welcome!
  • Location: Room 131
  • Time: 12:00
  • Advisor: Mrs. Ferda
  • Social Media: @diversityclubwshs

Club: French Club

  • Description: We try to teach new words in French, along with the cultural aspects and try new foods
  • Location: Room 235
  • Time: 12:00 (also meets on Thursdays)
  • Advisor: Mrs. Schumacher
  • Social Media: @wshs.french

Club: Key Club

  • Description: We are a club around helping and building our community through public service, and helping students gain service hours at the same time!
  • Location: Room 203
  • Time: 3:50 pm
  • Advisor: Simkins
  • Social Media: @keyclub.wshs

Club: Lacrosse Club

  • Description: We are lacrosse sports team not funded by the school so we are technically a club!
  • Location: Pathfinder Playfield
  • Time: 4:30-6:00 pm
  • Advisor: Coach Megan
  • Social Media: @westseattlelax


Club: GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance)

  • Description: A safe space for LGBTQ+ members and Allie’s, also offering LGBTQ+ education
  • Location: Room 230
  • Time: 12:10
  • Advisor: Ms. Perletti
  • Social Media: wshs.gsa.club

Club: CIEE Alum Club

  • Description: The club members consist of CIEE alumni who meet to help incoming applicants and promoting CIEE and giving advice to traveling students
  • Location: Room 235
  • Time: First half of lunch
  • Advisor: Madame Schumacher
  • Social Media: Madame Schumacher

Club: Sexual Violence Resource Group

  • Description: Our goal is to raise awareness and prevent sexual violence and harassment! We’re working to create and sustain a well-informed environment through cultural change at WSHS. Find out more information on Instagram @WSHS_SVRG
  • Location: Room 103
  • Time: 11:45 am
  • Advisor: Ms. Harper
  • Social Media: @WSHS_SVRG

Club: Chinese Culture Club

  • Description: Promote interest in Chinese language and culture
  • Location: Room 229
  • Time: 11:50
  • Advisor: Mrs. Yu
  • Social Media: @wshschineseclub

Club: Math Club

  • Description: Math Club is a place for people interested in STEM related activities to come together to hang out and work on difficult math problems and puzzles. We also orchestrate math related activities in the school, and aim at preparing for/attending the AMC 10/12 math competition test.
  • Location: Room 206
  • Time: 12:20
  • Advisor: Mr. Long
  • Social Media: @wshsmathclub

Club: Latinx Club

  • Description: The Latinx club is a vibrant group where students with Latin American or Hispanic ancestry and those with an interest in Latinx culture may join together to celebrate, educate, and participate in cultural activities, conversations, and events that support unity, diversity, and awareness.
  • Location: Room 219
  • Time: 12:00
  • Advisor: Ms. Fernandez
  • Social Media: @wshslatinxsu

Club: Chess Club

  • Description: A time during lunch for kids to play chess, eat lunch, and have fun.
  • Location: Room 202
  • Time: Start of lunch (also on Thursdays)
  • Mr. Cordero
  • Social Media:

Club: D&D Club

  • Description: We play Dungeons and Dragons
  • Location: Room 140
  • Time: Room 140
  • Advisor: Mr. Glover
  • Social Media:


Club: Movie Club

  • Description: All we do is watch movies during lunch! Super chill and open to anyone.
  • Location: Room 101
  • Time: Start of lunch
  • Advisor: Mr. Harris
  • Social Media: @wshsmovieclub

Club: Airsoft Club

  • Description: Meet to discuss all things airsoft and to arrange meetups outside of school.
  • Location: Room 138
  • Time: Start of lunch
  • Advisor: Mr. Lambright
  • Social Media: @wshsairsoft

Club: Sending Sunshine

  • Description: Write and decorate letters to seniors across North America and get volunteer hours
  • Location: Room 213
  • Time: 11:50
  • Advisor: Mr. So
  • Social Media: @wshs_sendingsunshine

Club: Tutoring Club

  • Description: Help others with schoolwork and earn service hours or receive help from teacher-endorsed tutors judgement-free.
  • Location: Room 205
  • Time: 11:50
  • Advisor: Mrs. Demarinis
  • Social Media:

Club: Chamber Club

  • Description: Chamber Club is a place for musicians to spend time playing music with their peers. The repertoire will be targeted towards string instrument players, but if you play another instrument and are interested in joining, reach out to 1qadumont@seattleschools.org or ttfritts@seattleschools.org and we will see if we can find ways to get you involved!
  • Location: Room 271
  • Time: 2:30-3:40
  • Advisor: Mr. Fritts
  • Social Media: @wshs_chamber_club

Club: Dance Team

  • Description: Dance team, beginners are welcome! Goals include public performances at school events.
  • Location: Room 131
  • Time: After school (also meets on Thursdays)
  • Advisor: Mrs. Ferda
  • Social Media: @wshs_westside_danceteam


Club: Model UN

  • Description: Model UN is a simulated international organization where students role-play as diplomats, discussing global issues.
  • Location: Room 260
  • Time: Second half of lunch
  • Advisor: Mrs. Dahms
  • Social Media: @wshsmodelun

Club: Art Club/ Creative Collective

  • Description: any artists meeting to discuss art, improve art, have peer review, and getting your art out there
  • Location: Room 158
  • Time: 12:00
  • Advisor: Mrs. Sloan
  • Social Media: @wshs.art.club

Club: D&D Club

  • Description: We play Dungeons and Dragons
  • Location: Room 140
  • Time: 11:45 (Tuesdays also)
  • Advisor: Mr. Glover
  • Social Media:

Club: Chess Club

  • Description: A time during lunch for kids to play chess, eat lunch, and have fun.
  • Location: Room 202
  • Time: Start of lunch (Tuesdays also)
  • Advisor: Mr. Cordero
  • Social Media:

Club: BSU (Black Student Union)

  • Description: BSU provides a space for young black students to grow and feel comfortable amongst other peers who look like them.
  • Location:
  • Time:
  • Advisor:
  • Social Media:

Club: Debate Club

  • Description: Debating about various topics
  • Location: Room 206
  • Time: 11:50
  • Advisor: Mr. Long
  • Social Media:

Club: Exploration of the Arts Club

  • Description: Explore the world of artistic organizations! Gain exposure and experience! Gain service hours!
  • Location: Room 158
  • Time: 3:45-4:15
  • Advisor: Mrs. Sloan
  • Social Media:


Club: Just Dance

  • Description: For student s to play just dance with friends and hang out at lunch
  • Location: Room 103
  • Time: Noon
  • Advisor: Ms. Harper
  • Social Media: @wshs.justdance

Club: MSA (Muslim Student Association)

  • Description: The MSA, or Muslim Student Association, is a vibrant club that explores the diverse world of Islam through engaging discussions, cultural celebrations, and an exciting journey of discovery. Join us to learn about Islamic culture, history, and spirituality while building friendships!
  • Location: Room 149
  • Time: Noon
  • Advisor: Mrs. Klein
  • Social Media: @msawshs_

Club: National Honor Society

  • Description: Members participate in a multitude of different volunteer events around the school and community throughout the year. Must have 3.5 GPA to join.
  • Location: Room 242
  • Time: 11:45
  • Advisor: Ms. Phelps
  • Social Media: @westseattlenhs

Club: WS Red Cross Club

  • Description: Imagine hanging out with your closest friends and helping your community at the same time – you’ll be able to do just that when you start a Red Cross Club (RCC)! WSHS RCC is associated with the official American Red Cross organization. Our club focus on serving Red Cross’s core values through community-based projects. We participate in emergency/disaster preparedness, lifesaving services, health education discussions, donation drives, and collaborates on yearly blood drive. RCC is a group that provides opportunities to make a difference by addressing your community’s greatest needs.
  • Location: Room 260
  • Time: 11:45
  • Advisor: Ms. Philp
  • Social Media: @wshs_redxclub

Club: AAPI Club

  • Description: WSHS’s Asian American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) Club seeks to create community among AAPI students. Our goal is provide a safe space while also educating ourselves and others on different AAPI cultures in inclusive, cultural, and entertaining activities.
  • Location: Room 229
  • Time: 11:45
  • Advisor: Ms. Yu
  • Social Media: @wshs.aapi

Club: The Greasy Peeps

  • Description: We meet to discuss our current car projects and upcoming car meet-ups. We also produce the annual WSHS Car Show in Spring.
  • Location: Room 160 (The autoshop)
  • Time: 11:45
  • Advisor: Ms. Thomas