Student Life

WSHS Clubs

Clubs at West Seattle High school

If you are wanting to start a club, be sure to complete the virtual club application:

WSHS airsoft club

  • The airsoft club is a club that talks about safety and airsoft.
  • Once a week on Wednesday, 2:30-3:00pm
  • Room 226
  • Advisor: Mr. Lambright,

Art Club

  • We just chill and do art! Can be engaged as much or little as possible.
  • Mondays and Thursday’s
  • After school
  • Room 158
  • Advisor: Ms. Sloane,

Computer club

  • Learn valuable tech skills at any experience level and get a chance to deepen your computer knowledge.
  • Every Tuesday at Lunch
  • Room 260
  • Advisor: Ms. Philp,

Chess Club

  • A club based off the premise of playing chess with & around a group of people (Also a good way to develop strategic thinking skills)
  • Every Mon-Tues & Thurs-Fri
  • 11:45am-12:40pm
  • The WSHS Library

Co-Ed volleyball

  • Everyone at every skill level coming together to play volleyball, set up scrimmages
  • Wednesdays maybe 2 a month?
  • After school in the gym
  • Advisor: Bethany Lidgard,

Ceramics club

  • This club will be a safe space to unwind and also make amazing pottery art! This will require some fundraising because of materials but it will result in amazing art, community, and also make functional items and gifts.
  • Mondays after school every week after school for one hour
  • Room 156
  • Advisor: Ms. Logel,

Cosplay Club

  • Bring your own cosplays!
  • Tuesdays during lunch, First Day November 8th
  • Room 202
  • Advisor: Mr. Cordero

Creative Writing Club

  • For fresh and seasoned writers alike, our club welcomes anyone interested.
  • Details TBD

Debate Club

D&D Club

  • A gathering of D&D players, both new and experienced, to talk about the game and plan campaigns with each other.
  • Thursday every school week
  • 11:45-12:40(lunch)
  • Room 103
  • Advisor: Ms. Harper,

Diversity Club

  • A club where we unite different backgrounds of people, where they can all have a space to be comfortable and enjoy each others company.
  • Thursday first half of lunch. Once a week.
  • Location: TBD
  • Advisor: TBD

Earth Club

Exploration of the Arts Club (E.A. Club)

  • We teach each other different styles to connect to the world of art.
  • Thursday at 3:45-4:15pm
  • Room 158
  • Advisor: Ms. Sloan,

Film/AV Club

  • Students get together to learn more about filmmaking techniques and create content for the school.
  • Friday every week
  • At lunch, occasionally after school
  • Gaia Corvino. Email is
  • Advisor: TBD
  • Location: TBD

Fiber Arts Club

  • We come together to share, learn, and improve our knitting, crocheting, and other fiber arts skills. Fiber Arts Club is open to anyone – no previous experience needed, and materials will be provided.
  • During lunch in the library
  • Advisor: Ms. Carlson,

GSA (Gender/Sexuality Alliance)

  • A safe space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies to gather, share ideas and experience, learn more about our community, and engage in activism.
  • Tuesday: 12:10-12:40pm
  • Room 230
  • Advisor: Ms. Perletti,

Indigenous People’s Club

  • A club for indigenous people and advocates. A space to provide support, advocacy, as well as learning about indigenous values, traditions and culture. Some of the items that we plan on providing an opportunity for, as a part of the Indigenous People’s club include
  • Native Beadwork workshop
  • Hand-drum making workshop
  • Powwow Dance Workshop
  • Organizing an assembly to bring awareness to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and people.
  • Supporting WSHS student in the creation of an Indigenous 4 panel Mural that will be hung in the front hallway entrance hall.
  • Every other Wednesday, starting March 1, 2023
  • Lunch time
    Room 139
  • Advisor: Ms. Fonoimoana,

Intersectional Feminist Club

  • We are dedicated to intersectionality (considering different components of one’s identity, such as race, class, sex, and how that affects their experience in society) and implementing it in our activism. Our goals for this year are to serve and engage the broader West Seattle community.
  • Once a week on Monday’s
  • 11:45-12:15
    Room 202
  • Advisor: Mr. Cordero, 

Jesus Club

  • A club that teaches the New Testament and what Christian ethics are. It is a place for people to discuss the truth of Christianity.
  • Every Tuesday during lunch
  • Room 226
  • Advisor: Mr. Lambright,

Key Club

  • Key Club is an internationally known club that focuses on community building through volunteer services and fundraising projects. As a student run club, we provide leadership opportunities such as officer positions!
  • Mondays, after school @ 3:50pm – 4:30pm (you can leave early)
  • Room 203
  • Advisor: Ms. Simkins,

Library club

  • A club focused on promoting the library and making it even more welcoming.
  • Every Monday. In the second half of lunch.
  • In the library.
  • Advisor: Ms. Carlson,

Math club

Movie Club

Ping Pong Club

  • Improve your ping pong skills or learn how to play at ping pong club! All grades welcome. Enjoy friendly tournaments, snacks, and games
  • Once a week, right now we’re planning on Fridays at lunch
  • Orchestra room
  • Advisor: Mr. Fritts,

The PR Club

  • A weight lifting club taking place in the schools gym once a month after-school on Wednesdays. Under the supervision of an athletic coach or supervisor. Where any and all West Seattle students can work on achieving their best lifts/ fitness goals in the gym, and supporting and encouraging their peers.
  • Wednesday, after school
  • Weight room

Unified Sports

  • Special Education students and general education students coming together to play sports and games and eat lunch
  • Tuesday once a week 12:15
  • Room 217
  • Advisor: Ms. Myers,

Water polo club

  • We would watch games and if we get the chance/get enough money we would go to a pool and a play the sport.
  • During lunch
  • Room 140
  • Advisor: Mr. Glover,

WSHS Sexual Violence Resource Group

  • Our goal is to raise awareness and prevent sexual violence and harassment! Helping to create and sustain a safe and well-informed environment through cultural change at WSHS. Find out more information at @WSHS_SVRG on Instagram.
  • Every Tuesday at lunch
  • Room 103
  • Advisor: Ms. Harper