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Running Start

Interested in Running Start for the 22-23 school year?

Getting Started on Registering for Running Start in the 2022-23 School Year: We hosted a mandatory presentation that all students must attend on April 6th. If you missed it, watch the mandatory video presentation.

Following the presentation Counselors will post information on how students will complete next steps. If you’d like to look ahead you can review the steps for getting started as they haven’t changed :).

Presentation Resources to review:

About Running Start

High School Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to attend a local college (free of tuition) and earn both high school and college credits, taking courses that satisfy their high school graduation requirements. Students can do full-time Running Start and take classes only at the college, or do part-time Running Start splitting their time at West Seattle High School and the local college.  

In order to participate in Running Start, students must take the placement test at a local college (typically South Seattle or Seattle Central College). Here are the steps required for WSHS Students before enrolling at Running Start. 

Getting Started

First Step for West Seattle High School

  1. Review the Running Start materials provided on this page, such as South Seattle’s recorded presentation.
  2. Attend of one of the WSHS-specific Running Start Orientation.
  3. Complete the  Graduation Checklist to determine your remaining graduation requirements.
  4. Complete the Running Start Course Plan Worksheet to map out your potential college schedule
  5. Complete the  WSHS Running Start Contract and MOU  

Second Step for Running Start

  1. Apply online to either South, Central or North Seattle College. It is free to apply to these three colleges.
    • In the application when asked what your intended major area of study is, please answer: Running Start.
    • Within two business days of submitting your application, you will receive an email with your Student ID (SID) number. Please save that email.
  2. Activate your ctcLink account.
  3. Take Placement Test at the college (see specific college links below). You must place into English 101 or college-level math to qualify.
    • Pay testing fee, bring photo ID, and Student ID number.
    • There are alternative testing scores we will accept such as SBAC, SAT, or ACT. Review the “Placement Testing” section in the Running Start Contract.
  4. Meet with your high school counselor to fill out the Enrollment Verification form (EVF). You will need to have the following completed and ready to submit to your high school counselor:
    • Completed Graduation Checklist
    • Completed Running Start Course Plan Worksheet
    • Signed WSHS Running Start Contract and MOU
    • Proof that you placed into English 101 or college-level Math
  5. Contact your college to schedule a registration appointment. Please bring the following materials:
    • Completed and signed Running Start Enrollment Verification form
    • College-specific Running Start Contract form signed by student and parent/guardian (different from WSHS’s contract)
    • Copy of your Placement scores or alternative placement documents 
    • Book loan/fee waiver form signed by your High School Counselor (if applicable)

Third Step for Attending Running Start:

  1. Pay Course Fees – SPS covers tuition costs but students are responsible for paying for course fees such as lab fees, online fees, program fees, etc. 
  2. Purchase or rent books – Contact your college’s bookstore to determine what textbooks are required
  3. Services – Be sure to access the resources available to you at the college such as Advising, Tutoring, and the Disability Support Services.

Placement Testing Information

After registering to a local college, you will take the placement test to determine eligibility. Be sure to check out your local college’s placement testing info and schedule before visiting: