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Grief and Loss Resources

Dougy Center – Grief Resources for teens such as articles, podcasts episodes, and activities

Guilt & Shame An article about guilt and shame. These are common reactions among grieving children—and grieving adults as well. These feelings can make it difficult to cope with a death.

Safe Crossings Foundation Safe Crossings Foundation offers services that help grieving children throughout the Puget Sound region.

What Not to Say-A video with tips about how to support students in the classroom

How to Identify Students at Risk for Emotional Distress after Loss

  • Students who were close to friends of the deceases
  • Students who shared a class with the deceases
  • Students who shared extracurricular activities with the deceased
  • Students who shared a similar characteristic with the deceased
  • Students with a troubled relationship with the deceased
  • Students with a history of prior losses or emotional difficulties

How to protect students:

  • Validate the child’s life experience
  • Support their actions and protect their self-worth
  • Maintain structure, stability, and predictability. Have predictable routines, clear expectations, consistent rules, and immediate feedback.
  • Build on success from other experiences