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    Social Media/Contact info

    Requirements to join club

    Earth Club

    “Talk about the earth, climate change, and how we can help.”


    Insta- @wshsgreenteam

    Or email:



    Indigenous Peoples Club A safe space for Native students and those who consider themselves allies to Native students. We will share Indigenous knowledge and discuss embracing your Indigenous culture. All are welcome!  

    Bi-weekly on Tuesdays, 3:30pm-4:30pm (starting Tuesday March 2, 2021)

    Host: Carmin D Thomas will be the main host at all times, with Jennifer Boyce as a partner for support none

    National Honor Society


    Insta- @westseattle.nhs

    Sunrise Hub West Seattle

    “Sunrise is a youth lead movement based on building people and political power to stop climate change”

    Every other Tuesday after school.

    Insta- @sunrisehubwestseattle

    Or email:




    Key Club

    “An international non-proft, student lead organization aimed for high school students. Our goal is to encourage leadership, character-building, and inclusiveness. We offer service/volunteer events, collaboration events with other schools, and a fun convention that includes schools in the entire PNW.

    Every first and third monday of the month at 3:20

    Insta- @wshskeyclub26

    Or email:




    In order to be logged as an official Key Club member to the international board, you must pay a $13-$15 fee.

    Art Club

    “Any kind of art is welcome, although last year we tended to stick to drawing and painting. Now, however, we are online and so whatever materials you have is okay”




    D&D club

    “If you like Dungeons and Dragons or if you are thinking of playing it this club is for you! In this club we will have a DND campaign that is open to experienced players and newcomers. If we have enough people join we will split into two campaigns. If you are a player who wants to take a shot a being the DM the this is the club for you, but if you just want to play that is also fine”

    Every thursday at 4:00pm


    Be patient with people who are just learning and have a thirst for adventure.

    Community Involvement Club

    “We find volunteer opportunities or festivals/events in Seattle, then share them so we can go with people we know.”

    Every other friday at 3:15

    Insta- @wshscommunity_involvement


    Or email:


    Drama Club

    “We produce three full productions a year: A straight (non-musical play), a student directed play, and a musical. There are opportunities to work in all aspects of the theatre, including costuming, lighting, set construction, acting, makeup, and management. Everyone is welcome”

    Meetings start off 2-3 times a week, and become more frequent as Opening Night draws near.

    Insta- @westsidedramawshs




    You must be a student registered at WSHS, or at a local highschool with no drama program.

    Revolutionary Club

    The purpose of our club is to provide an alternate to the electoral politics that have become so common in today's society. With a focus on mutual aid and community organizing, we hope to make a difference in our community through our own actions, rather than through elected officials.”

    Every thursday during lunch.



    Have an open mind and don’t be rude.

    Paintball Club

    “We play paintball”



    Black Student Union

    “A club where children of color can come together and talk about personal experiences and issues. To come together to work on changing things in the school and outside of it.”



    The Grub Club

    A club that during lunch students who want to turn camera’s on and eat lunch with other peers and teachers can login once a week and share a meal together.

    Friday’s 12:45


    Or direct message Angela Ferda on Teams and fill out this form to get the link to the meeting



    No Place for Hate

    With public displays of hate on the rise, it is more important than ever for schools to commit to programs that clearly define expectations in behavior for all members of the community. Whether you are a student, educator, or family member, you have a role to play in combating bias and bullying as a means to stop the escalation of hate.

    Thursday’s 3:15

    Direct message Angela Ferda on Teams and also complete this form


    This club is open to students, staff, and community members