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    What is an Internship?

    • An internship is a workplace experience, like a job, which can help you grow and learn about careers you might want to pursue. An internship will have a position description, several learning objectives, as well as start and end dates.
    • An internship can be full or part-time, paid or unpaid, and offered during the school year or summer. If a student wants to earn high school credit for an internship, a parent or legal guardian will need to give written permission for a student to participate, and you counselor will visit the site to help make sure all policies are followed. After the paperwork is completed, 180 hours are required to earn .5 CTE credit per semester.
    • Please remember you are not guaranteed an internship but you are encouraged to apply and have your resume and cover letter ready at all times.


    Fearless Computing: Intro to Cybersecurity

    Featuring Women Cybersecurity Leaders from Intel, Microsoft, and More!


    Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021

    4 - 5 pm


    Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep your computer or cellphone data secure or how technology keeps Zoom calls and social media accounts from being hacked? 


    Learn the basics of cybersecurity and meet woman executives from some of the world’s largest organizations! Speakers will discuss what it means to be in cybersecurity and the actionable steps you can take right now to follow in their footsteps with these exciting, cutting-edge careers! 









    We’re excited to announce the below programs available to Core Plus Aerospace students this year!


    More information about each program is available in the attached flyers.

    The application deadline for all programs is February 28, 2021.


    We will be hosting a webinar for students and instructors about Resume Preparation and Interviews on February 3rd  from 3:30 to 4:15. An invite to this webinar will be sent out later this week.

    We will be releasing the content to instructors as a series of short videos immediately after the session.







    Manufacturing Fellowship


    Spring 2021

    At least 16 years old

    Core Plus Aerospace Internship


    Summer 2021

    At least 16 years old

    Facilities Maintenance Internship

    On-Site – Multiple sites

    Summer 2021

    At least 18 years old


    If you have any questions, please reply to this email, or email the Boeing Workforce Development Team at


    What is MentorU?

    MentorU is an opportunity for you to build on the strengths you already have. You can learn how to grow healthy relationships, set and achieve your personal goals, and receive support from a mentor.

    Once a month, students meet virtually with their mentors, hosted by Ms. Jen. The main goal is to ensure you feel supported, safe, have fun, and maybe even learn something new about yourself along the way.


    How do I sign up?

    Click this link to enroll:
    For questions contact Ms. Jen at: - or - 801-577-0867