Course registration for the 2023-2024 school year.

Dear WSHS Parents, 

The counseling department is excited to announce that registration for the 2023-2024 school year is underway!  Students completed academic history reviews in homeroom on Wednesday, February 15th.  During this lesson students received a copy of their academic history report, listing the credits they’ve earned in high school thus far organized by credit type (LA, Math, World Language, Fine Art, etc).  They also received a copy of the four year plan, listing all of the graduation requirements by credit type.  In the homeroom lesson students worked through their graduation progress, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding courses to sign up for in the 2023-2024 school year. 

Registration officially kicks off on Wednesday, March 1st.  On this day, students will receive copies of their paper option sheets in homeroom as well as learn about course offerings for next year.  The online registration portal on the Source will also open on this date.  We ask students to sign up for classes both online and to also complete the paper option sheet.  The paper option sheet serves as a backup in case something goes wrong with the online request; it also provides a place for parent signature.  Parents play a key role in registration and we encourage you to have conversations with your student at home about classes they choose for next year.  Please also sign off on the paper option sheet that they bring home. 

The next week, on Wednesday, March 8th, students will have the opportunity to hear from their peers through a Teams Live broadcast in homeroom.  A student panel will speak on advice they have for underclassmen in course selection, some of their favorite classes to take, experiences with Running Start, and other relevant topics.  

Finally, on March 15th, registration will close.  Homeroom teachers will collect paper option sheets in homeroom on this day, and the online portal will close at midnight.  Please note that students can access the portal and make changes at any time during the two week window (March 1st-March 15th).  It is imperative that students make their choices before the deadline.  If not, counselors will choose courses for students based on their credits needed for graduation and students will have limited ability to make changes. 

Completing registration in an accurate, timely matter is important for both students and staff.  For students, making their course requests ensures they get into courses of their choice and that they stay on track for graduation.  We build our comprehensive school schedule from scratch every year based on student requests, and those requests drive section numbers, class sizes and ultimately staffing at WSHS. 

For additional resources and information about registration, please visit the registration section of the counseling website.  There you will find copies of registration materials, homeroom lessons, the WSHS course catalog, and how-to videos: 

If students have questions or need help choosing classes, school counselors will be available during lunch the entire two week window that registration is live.  Counselors will have a table set up on the south end of the Commons and will be available for drop in support.   

We are excited to kick off this process and look forward to working with your students! 

WSHS School Counseling Team