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AP Registration & Fees Payment Deadline of November 4, 2022

Seattle Public School (SPS) students who wish to take AP exams at their high school must register to take the exam(s) by the district-wide AP Registration & Fees Payment Deadline of November 4, 2022. The fee for AP Exams this year is $107 per exam. Students eligible for free and reduced lunch must pay a $10 deposit to secure their exam order by this registration deadline.  Payments (either $107 or $10 per exam) are made for each exam on SchoolPay on the family SOURCE account.

Follow these steps to register for an AP Exam 

STEP 1: Sign in to and enroll in your AP class sections         using the unique join code provided by your AP teachers. Note: Students must create a CollegeBoard account if they have not already done so. 

*Save User ID, Password and Email used to create the College Board account

STEP 2: For each exam, confirm your exam registration status

              before November 4

STEP 3: Make your AP exam payment(s) via a Parent’s SchoolPay/Source before                  November 4,

*Confirm FRL Status with Amy Doll 

2022. Keep a copy of the receipt for your records.

$40.00 non-refundable amount for canceled exams from November 8th-March 1st.

No Refunds after March 2nd for unused exams. 

Students not enrolled in AP Courses at West Seattle High School that wish to take an AP Exam must contact the district office of Assessment and Instructional Improvement director Aira Jackson will assist you.

Questions or concerns about AP registration and or payment at WSHS please 

 contact Amy Doll