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     Welcome Class of 2025

    Hello current 8th grade students and families. We understand that determining your student's high school next year is a big decision. West Seattle High School is here to provide virtual resources to show you all the opportunities we offer to students.

    On this page you will find information and videos about our school, the classes we offer, and the resources your student will have access to when they attend West Seattle High School. We hope these videos will answer your questions and show you that West Seattle High School is a great fit for your student.

    West Seattle High School hosted a Live Teams Presentation, Student Panel, and Q&A on December 3rd, which you can watch below:

    Classes at West Seattle High School

    Each department has provided insight into a few of their classrooms. Please take your time reviewing one or more of these videos. Our teachers worked hard to deliver information about the rich opportunities your student will experience at West Seattle High School:

    Resources for Incoming Freshmen

    8th Grade Registration Dates for 2021
    As of November 2020, we have not determined in-person registration visits at the local middle schools.

    In the meantime, we welcome you to review the course desciprtions from last year's registration. We will update these documents later this month:

    School Choice and Open Enrollment Information from the District
    Open Enrollment begins February 1 - 12, 2021. Choice applications will be accepted after this date through May 31, but will be considered "late" and will no longer qualify for sibling or Geo-zone priority tiebreakers. School Choice applications will be available online the same day, February 1st. 

    If you are currently an SPS student and live within the neighborhood lines of West Seattle HS, no followup is needed.

    Non-Seattle Resident enrollment:  Jun. 1 - Aug. 31, 2021

    For more information, please visit the Admissions website here.

    West Seattle High School Assignment Timeline

    Week of April 12th:         The district will release high school assignments for each 8th Grade Student.  Y
    Week of April 19th:
    2021-2022 Class Registration Online Portal will open to all WSHS-assigned Incoming 9th Graders
    Week of May 17th:
    Online Registration for 2021-2022 Class will close 


    Link CrewLink Crew is a high school transition program that works to train high school juniors and seniors as peer mentors (Link Leaders) for incoming 9th graders, and these mentors serve as positive role models and help guide the freshmen through a successful transition to high school.

    The Link Crew program begins with Freshman Orientation, when each incoming 9th grader is assigned to a group with 8-10 other freshmen and a team of two Link Leaders, and the Leaders guide their groups through a series of activities that help freshmen get to know their peers and teach specific strategies they'll need to succeed in high school.  Every 9th grader is instantly connected to other students, personally welcomed into our school, and given some concrete ideas about how to start their high school careers on a positive note.

    Another element of Link Crew is 9th grade lessons taught by Link Leaders in core classes.  Five times a year, pairs of Leaders receive extra training and then deliver a lesson designed to help 9th graders think about how to be successful students and use all the resources available to them.

    We also have monthly Link Crew events (movie nights, study sessions, luncheons, etc.) designed to build connections between students.  Link Crew is based on making personal connections between students, ensuring that every 9th grader feels welcomed and valued by their peers, and encouraging 9th graders to get involved in school activities.  It’s also about training compassionate, competent teen leaders and building a culture of community among all students at our school.

    Contact: Laura McCarthy, Link Crew Coordinator,

    School Involvement and Activities 

    Athletics:  At West Seattle High School, all students are welcome to join/tryout for the many sports we offer. Students can participate in a sport each season. If you would like to learn more about the Athletics Registration process, more info here:

    Student Clubs:  We encourage all students to join a club to get more involved with the school community. Check out some of our student-led clubs. You have the opportunity to even start your very own club!

    WSHS PTSA:  PTSA is a parent-led organization, open to all. WSHS PTSA provide mini-grants, advocacy, and other forms of support to the school. They offer family education programming of interest to the WSHS community. To learn more and join, visit:



    School Contact Information


    Brian Vance,     Principal         
    Sean Fisher,     Asst Principal
       Last Names A-L  
    Nancy Carroll,  Asst Principal
       Last Names M-Z  

    Counseling Team

    Erica Nguyen    Last Names A-F     (425) 528-0827
    Mallory Neuman                      
       Last Names G-N (425) 528-0916
    Christine Nutters    Last Names O-Z (206) 705-8424


    Department Staff

    Mykenna Ikehara                       Special Education
    Matthew Kachmarik      ELL
    Stephanie Rosen   Language Arts
    James Couture   Social Studies
    Kimberly Depew   Math
    Jeff Ursino   Science
    Abby Akers   Physical Ed
    Raya Klein   Art
    Raya Klein   Career & Tech Ed
    Laura McCarthy   World Languages