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    Welcome to AP Statistics!

    I’m very pleased that you have chosen to sign up for AP Stats!  Every year, students tell me that it’s the first math class they’ve ever taken where they never ask themselves, “When will I ever use this stuff?”  The course is challenging, but very doable.  You can expect about 20 minutes of homework per night.


    There is almost no memorization!  Almost all of the formulas we use are stored in the STATS menu on the graphing calculator.  So it is vital that you have a TI-84 Plus graphing calculator to use in class and on homework from day 1 this fall.  That is your only summer assignment!  If affording this calculator poses a financial hardship for you (they cost about $110 – you do not need the new color version) please see me before the end of this school year.  See you in the fall!           Mrs. Abraham

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