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    Summer 2018 AP Government & Politics Projects

    Hello, future AP Government & Politics student! I’m so excited that you are challenging yourself and taking this class next year – it is a difficult, but rewarding course. We’re living through a very interesting time in American political history and one of my goals for you is to understand the context of what we’re living through. AP Gov focuses on the structure, processes and connections among the centers of power in American Government and the role of the citizen.


    To that end, my summer assignment for you is structured a little bit differently. Below, you will see a menu of options for tasks or activities to complete over the summer. You can chose whatever interests you most from the menu below, but you must complete 60 points worth of tasks. You may repeat the same task TWICE, but no more. If there is something NOT on this menu that interests you, please contact me at I’d love to hear about it (and am likely to approve it)!


    I’m expecting you to be familiar with the major news stories (not always political) over the summer, and we’ll have a quiz the first week back. This summer should be extremely with plenty of events relevant to our course of study. I’ll expect you have an understanding of events of major news events from over the summer, especially as they pertain to the US Government. Sources may include: fivethirtyeight, CNN, Fox News, the Seattle Times, the New York Times, USA Today, Time Magazine, Rachel Maddow’s blog, etc. My advice is to pay particular attention to: 2018 midterm elections, Supreme Court decisions due in June, hearings or anything relating to the Russia investigation, contract negotiations between the teacher’s union and the district, funding of schools in Washington, lawsuits and legal challenges to the Trump Administration, sports, movies. There will be any number of other events I can’t predict, so pay attention to major stories. You should also know who represents you in both a state and federal levels.


    Above all, rest and relax over the summer! Senior year is challenging on many levels: college applications/post high school plans, course work and growing up.


    If you have questions, comments or concerns email me at I will check my email this summer about once a week.


    Have fun, and I can’t wait to teach you this fall!


    Ms. Phelps