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    CSE 120/AP Computer Science Principles

    Summer prep


    Welcome to CSE 120/AP Computer Science Principles. This class is an introduction to Computer Science at the college level – in fact, it is a dual credit course with the CSE 120 class at the University of Washington.  In this class, you will be exposed to a broad set of computer science topics including programming, how the Internet works, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Security and Cryptography, and more.

    A number of economists have proposed that we are at the start of a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ based on the pervasive application of a number of new technologies.  I had the opportunity to work in this industry essentially from its inception and I have seen the acceleration in the rate of change and the broadening of the impacts of technology on society.  One of the goals of this course is to make sure that you are critical consumers of technology with the technical background and critical thinking skills to navigate your future in a rapidly changing world.

    The summer assignment is to find 2 articles on technology that has the potential to impact society.  

    What does this mean?  Take self-driving cars as an example.   They have the possibility of making your commute more relaxing and hopefully faster but they also mean that rather than owning a car, you will just order one when you need it.  This means that car far fewer cars will be needed since they are not sitting in parking lots all day but being used by whoever needs them.   That will dramatically decrease the number of cars we need to build and the size of one of the core industries in the country.  From a personal perspective, you may be sharing cars with strangers on a regular basis (unless you can afford a private car).  Will that make us a more open society? Can it lead to conflict or increased risk to riders?  What other impacts on your life can you predict?

    Where can you find these articles?  Technology has become so important to our society that all major news sources have a specific technology section.   Here are a few examples – NYT, Fox News, CNN, Washington Post.   Check your favorite news source for its technology section. 


    Think about the impacts on you, your family,  and society as a whole of the technology that you are reading about and come prepared to discuss the two articles that you find.  What is the technology?  What are the likely impacts of the change that the article describes.  Think about impacts on business, how you do things, how we interact with each other, …