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    ACT or SAT?  Which one should your student take?  Click here to read about the differences, 

    SAT vs ACT

    Reasoning test  Criterion Referenced Test (curriculum based) 
    No science section
    Science reasoning section
    No trigonometry section  Math sections include trigonometry
    Guessing penalty
    No guessing penalty
    Writing test required but not judged by some
    colleges and universities
    Writing test is optional but strongly recommended
    Math accounts for 1/3 of your score
    Math accounts for ¼ of your score
    Questions go from easy to hard in most sections
    Easy and hard questions mixed within sections 
    All you SAT scores reported to colleges and top
    scores from each section are judged
    Some colleges will “super score” which means they
    will take the top scores from each section of multiple
    All of one sitting can be submitted for judging
    Report scores only from the test dates you choose
    $50 per test
    $50.50 per test
    Subject tests available
    No subject tests available


    PORTFOLIOS….Some colleges and universities will allow students to submit a portfolio of “graded” student work in lieu of test scores on in addition to them.  Check with the college of your choice to find out if they will accept this alternative method.  Graded student work most often includes essays, projects, written assignments from core subjects, including language arts, science, social studies, and/or math in the student’s junior and/or senior year.  Work must have been graded.

    FAIRTEST.ORG…. Some colleges and universities do not require either the SAT or ACT test.  Some will take the test scores to add into the “mix” of their holistic approach to admissions.  However, others don’t want them at all.  The website FAIRTEST.ORG will tell you which colleges and universities across the country do not use these exams.


    Most students take the SAT during their junior or senior year of high school. At least half of all students take the SAT twice — in the spring as a junior and in the fall as a senior. Most students improve their score the second time they take the SAT.

    SAT test dates:

    • October 5, 2013
    • November 2, 2013
    Test Fee - $50

    Go to College Board SAT website to register


    ACT test dates:
    • October 26, 2014
    • December 14, 2013
    Test Fees - $36.50 for test with NO writing part or $52.50 for test WITH writing

    Go to ACT registration website

    WSHS Counselors

    Students are placed with counselors by the first letter of their Last Names:

    A-G   Tia Filipelli - - (206) 252-8814
    H-N   Mallory Neuman - - (206) 252-8775
    O-Z   Colette Swanson - - (206) 252-8819

    FREE Test Prep online courses:

    • ACT College Board
    Local Test Prep classes:
    • Kaplan
    • Princeton Review
    • Student Edge
    • SouthSeattle Community College
    • UW SAT Prep
    • Mazor Test Prep

    Recomended Test Prep Books:

    • Up Your Score
    • The Underground Guide to the SAT
    • How to Outsmart the Test by Six Kids who Aced the SAT