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    West Seattle High School Clubs and Activities





    (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America)

    Leadership development, community service, competitions in family, career, community and family consumer science department categories.
    Location: Room 147/149
    Meeting Time: TBD

    Ms. Boynton/Ms. Klein

    National HonorSociety

    Students in grades 10-12 can join if they have a GPA of 3.5 or above.This club is focused on community service and academic success.
    Room 242

    Meeting Time: 1st Friday; officers Tuesday/after school as needed – lunch

    Ms. Phelps

    Link Crew

    Link Crew is a high school transition program that works to train high school juniors and seniors as peer mentors (Link Leaders) for incoming 9th graders, and these mentors serve as positive role models and help guide the freshmen through a successful transition to high school.

    Click here for more information about Link Crew.

    Ms. McCarthy





    Association of Student Interaction

    See Mr. Marz for more information

    Location: Commons

    Meeting Time: Every other Tuesday, 3:35-4:35pm

    Mr. Marzofka

    Club Unified

    See Ms. Myers for more information

    Location: Room 137

    Meeting Time: Tuesday during lunch

    Ms. Myers

    Debate Club

    Location: Room 138

    Meeting Time: Thursday during 2nd lunch

    Mr. Wiener

    Diversity Club

    To celebrate diversity in our school and bring unity through our differences. Equity through diversity.
    Location: Room 141
    Meeting Time: Wednesday, both lunches

    Ms. Hall

    Earth Club

    To work together towards a cleaner, greener school environment. We run composting and recycling in the lunch room, we have a rain garden and an edibles garden, and we are working to certify WSHS as a WA State Green School.
    Location: Room 141
    Meeting Time: Wednesday after school

    Ms. Hall

    Flat Earth Club

    Location: Room 131

    Meeting Time: Tuesday, 3:35-4:30pm

    Mr. Kachmarik

    Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

    Location: Room 226

    Meeting Time: Tuesday, 3:35-4:35pm

    Ms. Lombard & Mr. Fitzgerald

    Gun Violence Prevention Club

    To educate students about issues relating to gun violence in the United States and to provide opportunities for activism in our communities.

    Location: Room 206

    Meeting Time: Wednesday 2:45-3:15

    Ms. West

    HPV Club

    See Ms. Ferda for more information

    Location: Room 150

    Meeting Time: Monday at lunch

    Ms. Ferda

    Key Club

    Part of an international student club focused on community service. Key Club is a student-led organization that teaches leadership through serving others. Members of the Kiwanis International family, Key Club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities.
    Location: Room 206
    Meeting Time: Monday after school

    Ms. Depew

    Library Knitting Club

    Location: Library

    Meeting Time: Monday, 3:35-4:30pm

    Ms. Carlson

    MASH and Study Club

    Location: Library

    Meeting time: Tuesday and Thursday from 3:40-4:45pm


    Math Honor Society

    The purpose of this club is to encourage more people to enjoy math while hanging out with their buddies. We have students from Algebra 2 to AP Calculus and if somebody needs help, they’re more than welcome to come and we will help them with their homework or any assignments they have

    Location: Room 207

    Meeting time: Wednesday during lunch 2nd lunch

    Ms. Abraham

    Mental Health Council

    Location: Teen Health Center conf. room

    Meeting time: rotation schedule

    Ms. Lombard

    Native American and Alaska Natives Club

    For students interested in celebrating the Native American culture. We celebrate Native culture and participate in various activities offered in our area specifically geared for Native culture (field trips, college visits).
    Location:Room 143
    Meeting Time:
    2nd Tuesday of the month during 1st and 2nd lunch

    Mrs. Tortorice and Ms. Jones

    The Real

    Purpose of “The Real”

    -Student Voice

    -A place to be heard without judgement

    -A place to connect

    Real conversations, real intentions, real connections.

    Location: Room 150

    Meeting Time: Thursday, 3:35-4:35pm

    Ms. A

    STEMinism Club

    Location: Room 206

    Meeting time: Tuesday, 3:40pm

    Mr. Little

    Student Health Council

    Location: Teen Health Center

    Meeting time: Tuesday during both lunch

    Ms. Lombard

    Tech Club

    Do you have an interest in a technical subject - robotics, electronics,programming,CAD, something else? Tech club is a place where you can pursue any technical project you have an interest in or select from several on going projects to participate in.

    Location: Room 212

    Meeting Time: Wednesday; 2:20-3:20

    Mr. Miller

    Trivia Club

    Location: See Mr. Little

    Meeting time: Wednesday, 3:15pm

    Mr. Little

    TSA Photography Club

    Location: See Ms. Sloan

    Meeting Time: See Ms. Sloan

    Ms. Sloan

    UNICEF Club

    Location: Room 219

    Meeting Time: Tuesday during 2nd lunch

    Ms. McCarthy

    Write Club

    Location: Room 213

    Meeting Time: Monday, 3:50-4:50pm

    Mr. Gardner