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    • You should head your paper on the top right-hand side of your paper.

    Last name, First name

    How to do a Title

    • The title of your paper should be centered at the top of your paper’s first page.
    • Capitalize the first letter of your title and all the longer important words in your title (not of, and, etc.).
    • When typing, make the title two font sizes larger, but do not underline or italicize it.

    Basic Text Formatting

    • For handwritten papers, write in blue or black ink unless your teacher allows otherwise.
    • For typed papers, use some standard black font of 12-point type.
    • When typing a paper, always double-space.
    • Be sure to indent all of your paragraphs 5 spaces (at least a quarter of an inch or one tab).
    • Do not put an additional line between paragraphs.
    • For formal papers, use margins of one inch on both sides.

    Using Italics, Underlined, and Bold in Text


    • Put the titles of longer works (films, books, newspapers, websites, etc.) in italics.
    • Use italics for foreign language words not common in English.
    • Do NOT put the titles of short works (letters, speeches, newspaper article titles, etc.) in italics, use quotations marks.


    • When handwriting, underline the titles of longer works.
    • In general, do NOT use underlining when typing since it makes the text look like a link. Do not underline titles.


    • Use bold to focus attention on a specific phrase or word.
    • Do NOT add bold to quotes unless you explain that you are the one doing the bolding. (You don’t want to mislead your reader that the original author bolded the text.)
    • Do NOT use bold or italics for quotes.