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    Advanced Placement

    Advanced Placement courses prepare students for nationally administered AP exams; success on these exams may earn college credit and/or advanced placement at many colleges and universities. All students who meet the minimal course requirements are encouraged to enroll in these challenging courses.

    AP Criteria

    Students prior to enrolling in an AP course must meet the following general criteria:

    • Earned a 'B' grade or better in a prerequisite course (Prerequisite courses are determined by individual departments that offer AP).
    • Earn passing scores on all sections of the state assessment (Reading, Writing, and Math).
    • Teacher recommendation (As determined by departments that offer AP).
    • PSAT/NMSQT scores.


    Students must be currently enrolled in an AP class at West Seattle High School to register for the corresponding AP test. The AP exams will be given at West Seattle High School in May 2020. Registrations that are not paid by November 1st will be cancelled and exams will not be ordered.

    Follow these steps to register for an AP exam at West Seattle High School

    1) Sign in to and enroll in your AP class sections using the unique join code provided by your AP teachers. Students must create a college board account if they have not already done so to do this step.

    2) For each AP Exam, confirm your exam registration status before November 1.

    3) Make payment
    via School Pay on a Parent Source Account before November 1st.
    The payment window will start October 1. Keep a copy of the receipt for your records.

    a. Students cannot test with accommodations unless their request for accommodations has been approved by the College Board. If you have questions about this, please contact Amy Doll
    b. The standard exam fee is $102.00.
    c. Check the
    date of your AP Exam for May 2020 and mark your calendar.
    d. Students who cancel an exam before Feb 14 will be charged $40 per exam.
    e. There are no refunds after Feb 14.
    f. Students eligible for free or reduced lunch qualify for free exams. If you believe you are eligible, then you must complete an updated Free and Reduced Lunch Form for 2019-2020. Please check boxes for Pre-College Exams and Advanced Placement Tests in section seven of the application titled Other Benefits. If you have been denied FRL benefits and still need assistance, contact your school counselor for assistance.


    For AP Exam questions, contact Amy Doll 206-252-8813


    AP Courses

    All AP courses at West Seattle High School are yearlong courses. This requires students to be committed to a year long course of study.

    Students taking an AP course at West Seattle High School should expect an average of an hour of homework daily in each AP class they are enrolled.