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    West Seattle High School believes that all students can succeed at high academic levels and our goal is to challenge every student to their highest potential. As a district, we are also focused on breaking down the barriers that traditionally prevented some students from having access to advanced learning opportunities. Understanding that abilities are never fixed, we believe middle school tracking should not limit high school opportunities. In addition, as our world changes, we are learning that students need more than core academic content knowledge in order to be successful. Michael Fullan, an expert on educational reform, describes the skills needed for success in the 21st Century as Collaboration, Creativity, Citizenship, Character, Critical Thinking and Communication. To build a foundation of these skills, we are providing heterogeneous groupings of students in grade 9 and in most classes in grade 10. This allows all students access to a wide range of advanced learning options; provides all students an opportunity to learn, grow and build community together; and promotes greater success for all students in high school and beyond.

    West Seattle 8th Grade Night Flyer