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    WSHS offers a diverse and vibrant range of courses to challenge students, readying them for competitive post-high school options. Students are encouraged to enroll in Honors classes in grades 9 and 10, Advanced Placement (AP) in grades 11 and 12, and Career and Technical Education courses in all grades.

    To find out about individual courses or departments, see our complete Course Catalog 2019-2020

    Student Record Requests:For students that are currently attending or have attended West Seattle within the last two school years, their records can be retrieved at the school via the school Registrar, Joanna Sibounheuang.

    For students that last attended WSHS more than 2 years ago, their records are stored in the Student Records department downtown. Please visit their website to request your record or, for employers, to verify graduation.

    Student Records website

    Advanced Placement

    Advanced Placement courses prepare students for nationally administered AP exams; success on these exams may earn college credit and/or advanced placement at many colleges and universities. All students who meet the minimal course requirements are encouraged to enroll in these challenging courses.

    AP Information
    Advanced Placement Information

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    Career and Technical Education

    The WSHS Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses explore a number of career options in a diverse range of fields including computers & technology, engineering, fashion, marketing,automotive, and family sciences.  

    See the Course Catalog for the latest CTE offerings.