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    School Supplies 2019-20
    Posted on 09/05/2019

    Suggested School Supplies for Wildcats!

    • Large 3-ring binder
    • 6 dividing tabs
    • #2pencils/and mechanical pencils
    • Loose, white college ruled paper
    • Loose, white graph paper
    • Pens-black or blue ink
    • 3X5 Index cards
    • 2 pocket folders with fasteners for each subject
    • Ruler
    • Calculator- scientific suggested, graphing TI-84 is the preferred model (Algebra II or higher)

    If you need help purchasing supplies, please contact Amy Doll, 206-252-8813

    Suggested School Supplies for DONATION:

    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Facial Tissue
    • Wipes
    • 2 pocket folders with fasteners
    • graphing paper
    • #2 pencils pre-sharpened
    • 3x5 index cards
    • Hi-Polymer Erasers (white)
    • calculators (any model)
    • Double A and Triple A Batteries

    All donations can be left in the main office or brought to the tutoring center in the library. Thank you!