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    2018 WSHS Summer Credit Retrieval Application
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    2018 WSHS Summer Credit

       Retrieval Program Application


    We’re so excited to offer our 6th year of Summer School at WSHS!  Our goals are to help the students of West Seattle catch up on their credits, improve their GPAs through credit replacement, and to create a fresh start for themselves by getting caught up on their grades and mastering the academic skills they will need to finish high school strong.


    Here are the details:


    Dates:                   July 9-31

    Cost:                     Free to all students, both online and classes

    Classes:                  M-Th 11-12:15 and 1-4

    Tutoring:               M-Th 10-11 and F 10-12

    Classes Offered:

    Algebra 1 and 2, both semesters



    Biology (online)

    LA 9, 10, 11, and 12, both semesters

    WH 1, 2, and 3

    American History A and B


    WA state history

    Intro to Programming

    PE (online)

    Health (online)

    SAT Prep


    Other information:

    • We can also offer ELL and modified classes with some guidance from the case managers.  

    • We can also allow students to do grade repair by signing up to retake a class in which they received a D.

    • If a student needs a class that we’re not able to offer, we can try to get them online.  They would need to send an email to to check on the availability.

    • Attendance is mandatory.  You will be allowed 3 absences, but you must make them up at either morning or Friday tutorial.  If not, you will not receive a grade for your class.

    • Students will receive Orca Cards to help with transportation.

    • Students can enroll in 3 classes to get up to a 1.5 in credit recovery.  Students can receive additional credits if approved by instructor in the subject that they’re taking.

    • This is open to all high school students.  We’ll accommodate all that we can.

    • All work is project based and in class, so be prepared for an AWESOME time!


      We’re excited to offer this to our West Seattle students!  Please complete and return in the registration sheet to the West Seattle High School office by June 26th for priority scheduling. If you have any additional questions, please email Sandi Whiton, Program Administrator, at



      2018 Summer Credit Retrieval Program Application


    Please complete and return this application to your counselor immediately in order to be considered for the Summer Credit Retrieval Program.

    P L E A S E   P R I N T   L E G I B L Y


    Last Name: ________________________________________  First Name:________________________________________


    Student ID #________________________  Grade: _______                   School:_______________________________________


    Home Street Address:_________________________________________ City: __________________  Zip Code__________


    Student Phone #:  ____________________________________ Parent Phone #:___________________________________

                                                   Please include area code                                                                                                         Please include area code


    Parent Email address:__________________________________________________ 


    Student Email address: _________________________________________________


    Emergency Contact:  Name:_____________________________________________________________________________


                                             Relationship: _________________________________ Phone #:______________________________


    I understand the attendance requirement and the times and dates of the programs. I also understand that if I do not complete this program, I might not graduate on time.


    Student Signature: _______________________________Parent Signature: _____________________________________




    This section to be completed by School Counselor – please circle course(s) and designate honors, modified, or ELL if needed for grade replacement.

    Language Arts

    Course(s) Needed


    Course(s) Needed

    Social Studies

    Course(s) Needed


    Algebra 1A

    W History 1


    Algebra 1B

    W History 2


    Geometry A

    US History 11A


    Geometry B

    US History 11B


    Algebra 2A



    Algebra 2B

    WA State History



    World History 3





    Course(s) Needed


    Course(s) Needed


    Other Online Class


    Biology 1 (Online)

    Intro to Programming .5 Credit


    Biology 2 (Online)

    PE (Online)


    Chemistry 1

    SAT Prep .5 Credit


    Chemistry 2

    Health (Online)


    Physical Science (Online)