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    Advanced Placement

    Advanced Placement courses prepare students for nationally administered AP exams; success on these exams may earn college credit and/or advanced placement at many colleges and universities. All students who meet the minimal course requirements are encouraged to enroll in these challenging courses. 

    Summer Assignment

    Every student at West Seattle High School enrolled in an AP course will be required to complete a summer assignment prior to the school year. Summer assignments will be given to students in June.

    2017 Summer Assignments (for students taking AP courses in 2017-2018):

    AP Computer Science Principles
    AP Computer Science
    AP Government
    AP Language and Composition (11th Grade)
    AP Literature and Composition (12th Grade)
    AP Physics
    AP Stats

    WSHS is committed to increasing the number of students taking and passing AP courses at West Seattle High School on a yearly basis. This includes students from all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Every student at West Seattle enrolled in an AP course practices and demonstrates college ready skills in high school.

    AP Criteria

    Students prior to enrolling in an AP course must meet the following general criteria:

    • Earned a 'B' grade or better in a prerequisite course (Prerequisite courses are determined by individual departments that offer AP).
    • Earn passing scores on all sections of the state assessment (Reading, Writing, and Math).
    • Teacher recommendation (As determined by departments that offer AP).
    • PSAT/NMSQT scores.


    The first two weeks in May of every year are designated by the College Board and ETS (Educational Testing Service) for AP exams in all subject areas. Every student at West Seattle High School enrolled in an AP course has the opportunity to take an AP exam in order to earn college credit or college placement. Students are expected to take AP exams for classes in which they are enrolled.

    At present, the fee for an AP exam is $87. Exam fees are collected at the beginning of second semester. Financial assistance is available for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch.


    AP Courses

    All AP courses at West Seattle High School are yearlong courses. This requires students to be committed to a year long course of study.

    Students taking an AP course at West Seattle High School should expect an average of an hour of homework daily in each AP class they are enrolled.

    Students are expected to attend review sessions in the spring as preparation for AP exams. The review sessions take place during state assessment in March & April. The dates will be announced after mid-winter break.